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The Altium Library Development Center (ALDC) provides an extensive suite of libraries to accompany Altium products. Libraries are created using specifications obtained from manufacturers and various industry standards and then made available to users with product releases and on our various product websites.

The ALDC has been registered as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001, a widely recognized and well-respected international quality assurance standard, and operates under strict procedures designed to ensure the quality and integrity of all libraries and the components they contain. The following documents provide details on the various quality assurance guidelines and procedures relevant to the development of our Libraries.

The ALDC is situated in Hobart, the capital of Australia's southern-most state, Tasmania, where Altium was originally founded.

ALDC Quality Policy

We are committed to meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations, by implementing and maintaining a quality system for the Altium Library Development Center (ALDC) that meets or exceeds ISO 9001 standards. We will achieve and maintain this commitment to quality by:

  • Providing consistent and usable component models designed and verified to manufacturer datasheet specifications with zero defect quality.
  • Providing a value-added service that continually meets our customers' requirements with formal measures of addressing and resolving customer complaints.
  • Developing a team oriented work environment that encourages continuous quality improvement and ensures all employees have sufficient training and resources to meet these expectations.
  • Conducting internal and external assessments of the quality system to ensure its continuing compliance with ISO 9001 standards.

Objectives of the ALDC Center are to:

  • Provide a value-added and "free" service that is available to all customers.
  • Continuously improve the quality of all published component model data to a level that will ultimately change the customer's attitude towards using supplied component models.
  • Increase the output of the Center without sacrificing quality.
  • Develop an independent and scalable team oriented Center.
  • Continue compliance and accreditation with ISO 9001 standard.

ALDC Development Standards

The ISO 9000 Quality Standard

ISO 9000 is a widely recognized and well-respected international quality assurance standard.

The Altium Library Development Center has gained registration in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.

View the ISO9001 Certificate.

ISO assumes that a wide variety of elements such as: work patterns, communication patterns, record keeping systems and so on, influence product or service quality. ISO wants the characteristics or qualities that define each element to be controlled. The requirements that specify each characteristic or quality become standards when they are deemed to govern and control the attitude of the organization's management and staff. In other words, ISO's requirements become standards when they are built into a quality assurance program and when the program and its standards begin to influence behavior.

A comprehensive quality system consists of a number of quality assurance programs that in turn control a number of process standards. Each program indicates the functional areas that need to be controlled, for example design and inspection. Whereas processes specify how this control should be exercised in each area and what form the control should take.

Once a quality system has been fully developed and implemented, an accredited external auditor is invited to evaluate its effectiveness. If the auditors like what they see, they will certify that the quality system has met all of ISO's requirements and issue an official certificate. At this point an announcement can be made that "the quality of the products and services is managed, controlled, and assured by a registered ISO 9000 quality system".

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