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Description Specifies the distance two track segments can run in parallel, for a given separation. Constraints

Layer Checking

specifies where the two track segments to be checked should reside:

  • Same Layer (default) - the track segments for the targeted nets are both on the same layer
  • Adjacent Layers - the track segments for the targeted nets are on adjacent layers.

For a parallel gap of

specifies the parallel gap that should exist between two track segments before they can be considered for test. (Default = 10mil).

The parallel limit is

specifies the maximum permissible parallel length of two track segments (on different nets), when the parallel gap constraint is observed over the entire length. (Default = 10000mil)

Rule Classification Binary How Duplicate Rule Contentions are Resolved Duplicate rules do not create contentions for this rule. Rule Application Online DRC and Batch DRC. Notes This rule tests track segments, not collections of track segments. Apply multiple parallel segment constraints to a net to approximate crosstalk characteristics that vary as a function of length and gap.

  • None