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September 2011


You can find the Video for the Support-Tipp 2011 at the end of this Tipp.


How are Schematic Templates handled in Altium Designer 10?


Due to changes in connection with the new technology of the Vaults, the use and integration of the schematic templates is changed in Altium Designer 10. The alignment is now done in folders, in which the schematic templates are stored.



Schematic Templates are documents for the circuit diagram which can be used for sheet size, sheet orientation, grid, frame (information from the Document Options and Document Parameter), title, head and other things as a template to ensure a corporate appearance for the schematic pages.

A schematic page with an Altium title block and frame

Information about the special strings for the design of the Title block yan be found in our Wiki.
Drawing commands to create the blocks are can be found in the menu Place>> Drawing Tools

Use of the Templates

The Template folder

After the creation of the Templates, schematic pages which have been stored with _File>> Save_AS with the file ending SCHDOT, they have to be included in a new project.

Using Altium Designer 10 the selection of the templates is done by selecting the template from a directory that is specified for this purpose called the Template location.

Over the Preferences ( Menu DXP>>Preferences), root Data Management - Template, Altium Designer knows where to store the Templates that can be used.

Set the template folder in the Preferences, here it´s set on the default installation folder


Selection of the Default Templates

The default template is the one, that is always used when a new schematic page is created over File>>New>>Schematic. The definition for the default templates is done via the Preferences Section Schematic-General. In that Template field of the section Defaults all the templates stored in the template directory are listed.

The selection of the default templates of the available template files.


Changing the Templates

Is it necessary to modify a template several options are available.

  • Over the Menu Design>>Project Templates it´s possible to use local, i.e. Project related Templates.
    The indication where this local templates are stored can be found on the Project, Menu Project>>Project Options in the Options tab.
    Besides the possibility of selecting the path of the project templates it´s also possible to use any file from any directory. After selecting the template Atlium Designer is asking for information on using the templates, Choose Document Scope and Choose parameters actions.

Establishment of local, project-based template folder


  • Over the Menu Design>>General Template you can rely on the templates which are located in the template folder. All the templates will be listed there. By simply selecting the desired template you swap out the existing templates to the new one. The selection of a new template is forcing Altium Designer to ask the user for information on how to handle the templates, Choose Document Scope or Choose parameters actions.
  • Updating a template, if you have received the information that a template has been changed and you should assume this, can be done via the command Design>>Update Current Template... . As setting up the template over the point gneral template you are asked by Altium Designer what to do with the existing data.
  • Removing a template can be done with the command Design>>Remove Current Template... .



It is not necessary to delete the previous template before setting up a new one.
A new template can be placed directly over an existing template, deleteing the formatting is done automatically.


Support-Tipp Video:

MP4 Video from the Support Tipp (Packed for download Part1)

MP4 Video from the Support Tipp (Packed for download Part2)

Play MP4 Video from the Support Tipp

You can find a generally Video for creating Templates in our Trainingscenter Video.


In the Altium Live Forum there is an interresting Post about templates wich includes a script.
With the script templates with read-only elements which arise when create a template from an existing schematic page with Save As , is broken down into individual objects.

Do you have any more Questions? Send us an E-mail or create a new "Case" in Altium SupportCenter.



This support tipp is based on "Altium Designer 10" (Build Nr. 10.589.22577)

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