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Updated plug-ins from release 10.564.22479 to 10.577.22514

Date: 14 June 2011

System Components: Altium Designer Base


Cutouts no longer generated on mechanical and drill layers in PCB print based outputs. View BugCrunch report.


In the PCB Release view, an error message is produced if the target output folders can not be deleted prior to output generation. View BugCrunch report.

System Components: PCB System


Tracks/Arcs will no longer create incorrect Net Antenna violations when they are touching solid or hatched copper pour polygons.


Dimensions referenced to an Embedded Board Array now show up properly when loading a design. View BugCrunch report.


Copy Room Formats now correctly copies components when Selected Objects is checked and no longer generates no longer generates Channel Offset errors. View BugCrunch report.


PCB Special strings used in bar-code text will now be correctly translated so the bar-code value will be that of the underlying text not the special string itself. View BugCrunch report.


Pouring a copper polygon on a machine running a Korean OS will no longer freeze AD10.


Dragging one or multiple selected tracks will again move the selection to the newly added tracks if any such tracks exist.

System Components: PCB Support


CAMtastic® Preferences Default Layer Colours are no longer set indiscriminately to BLACK.


CAMtastic® dialogues "Create NC Drawing", "Edit Array" & "Panelization" will now work correctly when Metric units are used.

Importers and Exporters: Importer - Allegro


Allegro Importer - Component pads that have shapes and sizes that differ across top, middle, and bottom layers are now imported with their shapes and sizes intact.


Allegro Importer - Objects with unrecognized GRAPHIC_DATA_NAME (such as DRC errors) no longer result in access violation.

Importers and Exporters: Importer - PADS


PADS Importer - The description of PADS import files now properly includes PADS schematic libraries (*.P + *.C files).


PADS Importer - ASCII files that contain simple line-feed record terminators (instead of standard carriage-return + line-feed) are now correctly processed.


PADS Importer - Schematic part type definition alphanumeric pin-map information is now used properly to update the pins' pin designators, not their pin names.


PADS Importer - Faulty Pin positions have been corrected for schematic designs with heterogeneous parts.


PADS Importer - PCB library layer mapping dialog right-mouse popup now allows multi-selected PADS layers to be mapped to the full list of Altium Designer PCB Mechanical layers.

Output Generators: Output - STEP


Fixed issue where PcbDoc's exported as STEP would load incorrectly into Catia. View BugCrunch report.

Output Generators: Printer - PCB


Cutouts no longer generated on mechanical and drill layers in PCB print based outputs. View BugCrunch report.

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