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Altium has a long history of innovation in the development of software technology for PCB design. For many years this was delivered in products that carried the well-known Protel brand name. Over the years, Protel has been used to design hundreds of thousands of printed circuit boards throughout the world and helped many companies and engineers reach their electronic product development goals.

The design landscape is changing
However, the electronics design landscape is experiencing rapid changes. As more design intelligence is migrated to the ‘soft’ realm, the design of the physical and programmable elements of an electronic product are converging. Board design can no longer proceed in isolation from the development of the embedded intelligence it hosts. Electronic product development requires the unification of a wider range of design technologies and capabilities than just those traditionally associated with board-level design – an area so well serviced by the Protel brand.

Altium Designer – a next generation solution for the next generation in electronics design
Altium Designer has been created to unify the entire electronic product development process, and to bring together the traditionally separate disciplines of board design, programmable hardware design and software development. Altium Designer incorporates all of the board technology inherent in Protel’s long heritage, and combines it with capabilities targeted at creating and implementing the embedded intelligence programmed onto the board.

So what does this mean for you?
It means that you can continue to expect from Altium the high level of innovation and value that has made the Protel brand so great. Whilst the Protel brand name will no longer be active, rest assured that its capabilities, features and spirit will be continuously delivered through Altium Designer into the future – a future that you will be well equipped to embrace.


Moving from Protel 99 SE to Altium Designer
Application Note: AR0115 Moving to Altium Designer from Protel 99 SE

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Moving from Protel 99 SE

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